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Who We Are

We're Edentia Herbals, the creators of BioMind. We created BioMind to showcase and honor the awe-inspiring wisdom and power of nature. We see the resilience and vibrancy of the natural world as inspiration for how we, as humans, are meant to live. We believe all the life around us can breathe life within us. We're a family-owned and operated small business, and our drive and passion is creating intricately-formulated herbal supplements that truly help people.

Our mission is to bring to light and life the powerful potential the countless plant and mushroom species that surround us have to symbiotically improve human lives.​ Our philosophy is one of positive dedication to and mastery of the more natural and fundamental principles in life.  

What We Do

We lovingly pour our time, resources and energy into the quality and vibrational efficacy of our genuinely exceptional herbal supplements. We work diligently and painstakingly to carefully select ingredients of the absolute highest available quality and most bioactively desirable origin in regards to plant and mushroom anatomy. All of our ingredients are thoroughly studied in peer-reviewed research for their safety and efficacy, which we reference and continually update here. Each batch of our products is third-party tested for pesticides, herbicides (including glyphosate), heavy metals, residual solvents, accurate ingredient amounts, and unwanted biologicals. The most recent batch results for each product are also readily available for review here

In a world saturated with companies and individuals more interested in maximizing profits over all else, we choose to be different. We can afford to prioritize quality over profits, and we always will, because we'll never have to answer to shareholders, corporate boards, or any of the fiduciary responsibility that comes with public trading and endless corporate expansion.


We also believe in the power of positive conscious intent to change lives, and even the world. That's why every single bottle is individually meditated on with a specialized intention reflective of the desired effect that the product is intended to elicit.

We'd like to invite you along on this journey with us, and we're excited to create something beautiful together!

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